Press Conference

On Thursday May 14, 2020 the HFM Network held a press conference with cooperate of SOACS, to condemn the Al-Manak incidents in the Daschte Barchi of Kabul, Nangarhar and Laghman. At the conference, several civil society activists raised their voices in protest against these crimes and called for justice and civil punishment. Some of the articles of the declaration are as follows:

1-Attacks on civilian institutions such as hospitals and public places and targeting civilians, including infants, children and women, are against all human and Islamic standards, and are in stark contrast to human and Islamic beliefs.

2- Herat Civil Society, while condemning this terrorist act  and sympathizing with the victims of this tragic incident, calls for the public identification and trial of the perpetrators of these crimes in the country.

3-According to the Herat Civil Society believe, one of the main tasks of the government is to ensure the security of the citizens.

4- The government must prioritize the security of its citizens, ensure the security of the people, and take serious action against terrorists.

5- We call on the Government of Afghanistan to have a proper definition of friend and foe, and to identify and communicate with individuals, currents and countries that have deployed terrorist groups, and to refer to the United Nations Security Council to let the world understand more and better the oppression of the Afghan people