As the main goal of establishment of MSO is providing services for managers in different ways so, capacity building of female managers is one way we can serve them. According to the HFM Network objectives, we are conducting Management and Leadership workshops specially for women managers for the purpose of their capacity building.

The participants of the workshop are the members of Network and the schools principles from city, Gozara, Injil and Karukh districts of Herat province.

از آن جاییکه هدف اصلی ایجاد موسسه مطالعات مدیریتی ارایه خدمات برای مدیران به طریقه های متفاوت است، بناء ارتقاء ظرفیت مدیران زن یکی از روش های است که موسسه مطالعات  مدیریتی میتواند برای شان خدمات ارایه نماید.این موسسه  بنا به اهداف شبکه مدیران زن هرات، ورکشاپهای مدیریت و رهبری را برای مدیران خانم به هدف بلند بردن سطح  دانش شان برگذار مینماید

مستفدین ورکشاپها را اعضاء شبکه و مدیران و سرمعلمین مک

Gender Workshop

Gender Workshop

Gender refers to the different ways in which sexual differences between people appear differently in different times and places, societies, cultures, and across people’s lifetimes. Gender is an important consideration in development. Regarding the problem of gender inequality in Afghanistan, the MSO decided to hold a workshop for women who are communicating with other people daily.

The workshop was held on October 24, 2020, for two hours for 14 female managers who are members of the HFM Network. This program was presented by Miss Farishta Yaqubi the civil activist who was asked by MSO Members to have a volunteer presentation for HFM Network members.